Free 2 Key Program Weekly Post

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Free 2 Key Program Weekly Post

Post by Admin on 2/6/2016, 12:17 am


Those who are interested in the free 1 weekly 2 Key Program must do the following

- Post your state 2 Keys from the program for 7 Days at the end of each day. 
- Update your post with results and the key match posted for that day.

Those interested here must post the state of interest. I will then prepare a program for you with that state. You just copy and paste the results shown on the program.

Failure to do for 7 Days will result in you being blacklisted or be extended for 1 month.

I will select based on first member to list his state. If you see a state listed then you can do a different state. 

The program will work for 7 days and be extended for 1 month if you do the requested.


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